Sprynt Mint

Mint NFTs on any chain & accept payments from multiple chains
Sprynt Mint is our proprietary minting engine offering the ability to create NFT contracts on any chain and accept funds from buyers on any other chain.
The product features an automated smart contract NFT builder that eliminates the need for customers to code. This tool allows customers to build NFT contracts without any technical knowledge, making it accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, customers will have the option to upload or link to their existing NFT contract, providing seamless integration with their existing assets.
Our Multi-chain NFT minting engine is available as a standalone webpage, allowing anyone to mint NFTs on any chain and sell NFTs across multiple chains within minutes without expensive development work (typically, development agencies are charging between $5,000 to $15,000 to build single chain NFT minting engines, depending on the complexity). We also offer the opportunity for NFT projects to fully customise the page look & feel and URL to match their branding (at an additional cost).
Initial UI of our multi-chain NFT contract builder
We leverage different smart contracts on multiple chains and integrate with LayerZero to leverage cross-chain messaging and trigger a NFT mint. Our solution is fully non-custodial which implies that merchants/clients are always in full control of all funds and keys.