Sprynt Connect

Crypto to Crypto checkout for dApps & Web3 Projects
Sprynt Connect, our Web3 checkout API, is a true game changer for dApps & Web3 projects, especially on smaller chains with lower TVL. The tool's unique selling proposition lies in its ability to remove the need for users to bridge funds between different chains. This removes a significant barrier to entry for many users who may be deterred by the high transaction fees and security risks associated with bridging. This provides dApps & Web3 projects with access to liquidity available on any chain while still benefiting from the technology of smaller, more niche chains.
The API integration offers fast and easy checkout on their platform or site. Once funds from users are deposited on any of the chains, our tool will in the background trigger the action on the dApp side (e.g. mint or sell NFTs, sale of a service or product, deposit of a new token, in-game purchases).
Sprynt connect, works through the same logic as Sprynt Mint but is the fully API based and is applicable far beyond the NFT use case (purchase of any in-game asset, sale a product or service, launch a token, etc.).